MUST HAVE Vehicle accessories for long travel

Having road trips is one of the most common ways people love to travel. As the saying goes, sometimes the fun is in the journey rather than the destination itself. Here we have a list of MUST HAVE accessories for long travel. 


Starting with dashcams or video recorders in your car, these are a MUST HAVE. Everyday dashcams are getting more and more popular with road users this is because they are very important for context in harsh driving events. When harsh driving behaviour occurs dashcams can give a better understanding of the incident before and after and provide vital legal evidence to protect you in an unfortunate accident or from an insurance fraud claim. 

Backseat Organizers 

Most of the time people do road trips with their families. Often, kids join in too. Although they might of like the idea first driving around the hilly roads of England, the novelty soon wears off and boredom strikes. To solve this problem backseat organizers were invented! The best organizers can significantly transform the general look of your vehicle. By putting everything in order, including notebooks, ipads, pens, magazines... Your vehicle will appear clean. You can get them in different shapes, sizes, layouts, and colours perfect to fit the interior of your car.  

Medical & Emergency Go Bags 

Accidents can happen anywhere, anytime. And the chances of getting into and accident are higher on the road. Therefore, you should ALWAYS have a vehicle First Aid Kit in hand just in case you are involved or come across an incident. Car injuries can range from minor, moderate, and fatal which no one wants. If going on a long trip don't forget to pack any essential prescription medication you’re or the passengers going on the trip. Whether it be inhalers, allergy tablets or some other aliment because the next pharmacy/drug store may be quite a distance away. 

Ideally your vehicle first air kit should include:  

  • Cotton pads/balls 
  • Medical Records
  • Disinfecting Products
  • Medicines
  • First Aid: guaze, medical scissors, medical tape, bandages/band aids

Portable Chargers and Cords  

Smarts phones are more reliable than ever right now, the battery will run out. What happens if you’re driving following a digital map to your destination and it suddenly cuts out and decides that is the best time to run out of battery whilst in the middle of nowhere. You would be simply stuck. Therefore, having portable chargers and phone cords inside your car can prevent this from happening. 

Eye Masks, Ear Plugs, And Neck Pillows 

No matter how fun it is on the road and traveling, the chances are very high someone in the car will need a sleep. Sleep masks are certified essentials for long travel of all kinds. At the same time a structured neck pillow is the best companion to go with it, plus one more item earplug. Earplugs can be luxury when your mates are playing heavy metal on full volume, we've all been there and to block out the noise with ear plugs like it was never there can be the best. 

Vehicle Window Tints 

Window tints can be very handy in many reasons for example to deflect sunray, which can lower the temperature inside your vehicle. Imagine driving for long hours in a high temperature vehicle, that can only make you feel sick. Tints can also prevent people spying into your vehicle searching for valuables to steal when you’re not around. In addition, you’re vehicle's air conditioning system will not be pushes to the limit, when you have tinted windows, which will benefit your engine and fuel consumption in the long run.